traveling, surfing, video work & friends

Each of these activities take on different roles in my life and only with all aspects do I feel complete. Traveling is one thing I will do forever. You learn so much and experience moments that will be remembered forever. Surfing is something I’ve been doing since I was 6 years old and it’s a passion where I feel free. But it is also a sport that always pushes me to the physical limit and challenges me. Working and studying – this is how I make my money and constantly develop myself. I never want to stop learning. My friends play a crucial role in my life. They support me no matter what I do, accompany me on my journey and we have the best times together.


6 years ago I found a passion for making films. I think my greatest strength is capturing people’s emotions and to portray them in a film afterwards. I want to give the viewer the feeling of having been there and triggering emotions in them.​ Making the stories of our life’s visible and creating pics that make moments memorable and shareable is my passion. 


At the moment I`m a dual student in the media management course in the 6th semester. In October 2022 I will finish it with a Bachelor of Arts.​


Surfing has been a part of me for over 15 years now. There is nothing better in the world. When surfing, I feel free and don’t think about anything else except the next wave. I am very grateful for the support of my great sponsors, without whom I would never have come this far.
(Quiksilver, OstseeSparkasse, Blickkontakt, RT Surfboards)​

Companys I`ve worked for